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We have a beautiful selection of glass pieces, to compliment your cannabis purchases. Our glass is sourced from Mountain Jam Glass, a glass distributor located in Eugene, Oregon. They only source products made in the United States, with the majority of pieces being made in Eugene, Oregon. The company has been in business since 2000, with a focus of satisfying customers. We chose to supply products from this company, because we also strive to keep our customers satisfied. 

When you purchase your glass from us, rest assured that the piece was not mass produced or made in a sweatshop. Every piece is one of a kind, some may show similarities. But each piece of glass is created by one artist. If you are looking for high-quality functional pieces look no further than EverGreen Cannabis Caregivers. 

From pipes to bubblers, and oil pieces we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of pieces ranging in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Are you looking for a simple piece? Or do you prefer unique pieces with complex designs? We have both, visit our store today to see our current inventory!

Three reasons to look to us when you are looking to find that perfect piece of glass.

  1. When you visit the store, you can hold and inspect the piece. Helping to give you a better feel for as to whether or not it is comfortable to hold.
  2. Your supporting businesses that believe in quality and customer satisfaction.
  3. We have a unique selection of glass to choose from.

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