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Frequently asked questions

YES. You can possess and consume Cannabs in the State of Maine.

NO. A medical card is still required to purchase Marijuana or THC products. Even though our Governor recently signed a bill outlining laws for recreational sales, that bill is not in effect for 90 days after her signature. At this time, recreational sales are slated to begin in September. 

YES! Your med card is valid here! We will need to make a copy of your license and State ID.

YES! Whoever has the Medical Card needs to make the purchase.

YES! You are ALWAYS welcome to come in, look around and chat with us or have a conversation with our practicing caregiver. 

NO, there is never a charge at Evergreen for you to speak with our practicing Caregiver.

ABSOULTELY. You can speak with us in confidence.

YES! We have HEMP CBD products available, which are legal nationwide . Anyone 21+ can purchase glass or other smoking accessories. 

You can speak freely here. There are no longer any marijuana-related words that will instantly get you kicked out! BONG! ☺

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