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In her “spare time,” Tonia is a student of dance, and enjoys spending time with family.



Tonia’s journey to Cannabis began after a car accident left her suffering with chronic pain. After learning that cannabis was being used successfully in topicals for pain relief, she began making a THC balm in small batches for herself. In conversations with other cannabis users during the legalization discussions in Maine, she became interested in more medical uses for Cannabis, including reducing opioid dependence and helping autistic children function at a higher level. As a lifelong resident of Belgrade, Tonia understood the town’s need for these alternative healthcare options to be made available. She and her husband, Tony, responded by starting a garden and opening Evergreen in the Summer of 2017.

Since accepting this challenge, Tonia has taken a dive into all aspects of Cannabis. Tony and Tonia grow all the Cannabis at Evergreen. She has learned to make delicious edibles and has improved her topical game! Her journey is personal and many patients can relate, making Tonia one of the most approachable Caregivers in the region. 

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In Colleen’s “spare time,” she is an avid baseball fan, and concert-goer.



Colleen stumbled into the cannabis world the same way many people do- by experimenting in college. The very first time she smoked, she noticed a dramatic reduction in the seizure activity that limited her life. You could call it “Love at first puff,” and Colleen began her personal quest to understand how cannabis is effective in therapeutic practice. As a native of Houston Texas, Colleen lived in a state that remains VERY unfriendly to cannabis use. The accessibility, quality and details about the Cannabis available to her was always in question, making medicinal use nearly impossible.

After Colorado legalized adult use, she began routinely making 2000 mile round trips to Denver in order to access quality medicine with clear labels and reliable testing. In this way, she was able to determine which strains and quantities worked best to reduce, and eventually nearly stop her seizures. During these travels, she spent time learning from some of the nation’s top Cannabis educators and influencers, and ultimately went on to formulate and produce her own Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare brand that is now sold nationwide. 
Never forgetting how difficult it was to access and understand the medicine she needed to function, Colleen is now dedicated to Cannabis Therapy, Education and Normalization. 

This information is not intended to be utilized as medical advice or treatment. This information is not intended to take the place of your medical physician. Please consult with your physician for medical advice, treatment, questions, or concerns. We are Cannabis practitioners and specialists, not licensed medical professionals, no MD, RN or LPN on staff.

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