Evergreen Cannabis Caregivers provides client-focused quality cannabis care with home-grown, high-quality medicinal cannabis.


Our mission is to provide quality products to our community. To connect the community to owner cultivated medical cannabis and products that have been researched and are trusted by us. Our goal is to ensure our community is educated on the benefits and satisfied with our products and caregiver services.

Want to know the WHY for Evergreen Cannabis Caregivers in Belgrade, ME?

WHY Evergreen is different…

We approach our medicinal cannabis with the focus of giving it time: time spent growing, time spent creating quality medicine, time spent getting to know our clients and time guiding them to what might support them on their journey to wellness with medical marijuana.

Tonia’s WHY...

Tonia suffered from chronic pain after a car accident. She researched the use of cannabis for topical pain relief and taught herself to create her own THC topical. As legalization in Maine evolved Tonia began to spend time researching more medical uses for marijuana, supporting autistic children, opioid dependence and more. Tonia is a lifelong Belgrade resident and loves this community. She knows the town needs more alternative healthcare options. She and her husband, Tony, began a garden and opened Evergreen in the Summer of 2017. She continues to educate herself and work to provide high-quality products for her beloved clients, improving her topicals and creating delicious edibles. This is a personal and community-based mission for Tonia and someone you can trust on your journey to wellness. 

Colleen’s WHY…

The first time Colleen smoked, she had a drastic reduction in her daily seizures that limited her quality of life. A Texas native, Colleen found her ability to explore the medicinal use of cannabis nearly impossible, due to the states hostile approach to marijuana use. With Colorado’s legalization, came better access for Colleen to medicine with more reliable quality and clearer labeling. Eventually, she was able to determine the most effective strains and dosing to nearly stop her seizures. Colleen learned from many of the nation’s top cannabis educators and formulated then produced her own Hemp CBD Tattoo Aftercare brand, now sold nationwide. Never forgetting how difficult it was to access and understand the medicine she needed to function, Colleen is now dedicated to Cannabis Therapy, Education and Normalization. 

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