Evergreen Cannabis Caregivers in Belgrade, ME

Evergreen Cannabis Caregivers is focused on providing high-quality home-grown medicinal marijuana, and connecting the community to the best cannabis support and most of all focused on YOU!

Things are different at Evergreen Cannabis Caregivers
in Belgrade, ME.

Evergreen Cannabis is dedicated to carefully growing and cultivating our own medicinal marijuana. Our plants are homegrown under a caring and experienced eye to ensure we connect our clients to the highest quality medical cannabis possible. Our mission is connecting with our clients, and supporting them during their journey to wellness. 

Our focus is on our cannabis and our clients. We believe in the medicinal support that marijuana provides. We are determined to connect our clients to the best products for their needs. We value this community and want to help the people in it. We will take our time to talk with you, answer questions, and provide you with support. You matter and we are here for you.

let us spend some time getting to know you!


Find out more about what drives Evergreen’s caregivers-Tonia and Colleen, see why we are in this business, and why Evergreen is different. See why we are so dedicated to medical cannabis and to our clients.


See the variety of products we carry and the multiple ways you can access our lovingly grown medicinal cannabis to best support your needs. Learn why Evergreen believes this powerful plant exists for a reason.


Gain an understanding of why we prefer to meet with our clients face to face to best assist them in their journey to wellness. Read our personal blog posts to learn about who we are and see updates on our shop.


Connect with a dedicated caregiver today! Find out where to come see us to begin your cannabis journey. We enjoy seeing our clients face to face to best support their needs. We are always here to assist you!

Evergreen Cannabis Caregivers wants to keep our community and our clients safe and healthy.

As a result of the current Covid-19 regulations and to do our part to keep everyone healthy we are currently offering Call Ahead Ordering with Curbside Pick-Up ONLY.

Please call or text in your order before stopping by, we will happily meet you curbside with your order. Thank you for your business and stay well!

Our clients must have a valid photo identification and carry a medical marijuana card to purchase THC products, but CBD products are available to all. Evergreen’s caregivers are knowledgeable and happy to assist you with guidance on how to obtain a card. Come see us today for help!

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